Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Pedigree Resource File Updated

FamilySearch announced yesterday 12 Mar 2007, that the Pedigree Resource File (PRF) database has reached 150 million names. They also announced that the PRF now has a new feature, which allows you to view pedigrees from within the index.

By clicking on the Pedigree link in the upper right corner of an individuals page you can view the family in Pedigree view.

Patrons will still have to use the CD's to download information or see sources and notes that were submitted by patrons. If a submission contains Sources or Notes the CD disk number will be shown at the bottom of the individual page. I have noticed that most submissions do not contain sources and that some of the source citation listed turn out to not be good sources, but many do have useful information for those trying to verify their information or extend their family lines.

Patrons of FamilySearch are encouraged to submit their family history to the PRF so others working on the same lines can work together to avoid duplication of effort. Be sure to include your source citation with your citations.

The entire PRF with its sources and notes will become a part of new.FamilySearch when it is released later this year. All the names in PRF will then be linked in Families and Pedigrees with the names from the IGI, the Ancestral File, the Census indexes, all future extracted records from the Granite Vaults, and any future submissions by patrons of FamilySearch.

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