Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Cemetery Records Online at

A site is available online which as gathered cemetery records from all over the world to a single place. The site is called

You can find lookups for cemeteries from all over in several countries and detailed listings of burials at many of those cemeteries. There are also outside links to other death and burial indexes.
By clicking through to Draper Utah I found a complete listing of burials in the Draper City cemetery. They are sorted and contain tombstone information. The Draper City project was done as an Eagle Scout project several years ago.

Not all cemeteries are online but has got a good start. Check it out.

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CemeterySpot said...

Hi Gary: yes, is a good start at putting together a huge amount of info from numerous locations. With many cemeteries having financial problems or being in rural areas with few readily available records the main info will come from big city larger and more sophisticated cemeteries. Online memorials are starting to pick up the slack, especially with the rise in cremations when there may be no cemetery involved as a final resting place.